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big results from small budgets

Producing a commercial in the UK can cost anywhere from a few thousand pounds to a hundred thousand pounds.

So how do you know which budget is right for you?  When you only have a few thousand pounds to spend, what type of production are you going to get – and how will a ‘cheap’ advert make your brand or company stand out?

It sounds obvious, but you need to be clever with your cash and you need a clever execution for your commercial.  A lot of our clients are seeing the benefits of using animation.  We are free to come up with a high concept that doesn’t require costly actors (and their repeat fees), film shoots, studio hire, make-up etc.

This was a commercial we created for Gravitas with just under £10k to spend on the entire production (which also includes music, voice over and delivery to the stations):

So the idea was simple.  How to show obesity without causing offence whilst also advertising a solution requiring a direct response from the commercial – in this case the client only wanted people to text in.

The low budget wasn’t apparent and the message was clear and clever.

Sometimes it’s best to get an advert made cheaply and quickly, especially in the case of furniture sales.  For just under £6k we were able to produce this advert for Christies Furniture.  It keeps a level of gloss that stands up well to filmed adverts seen on the TV and yet was produced with a fraction of the budget.

But more importantly than anything else, it sold furniture.  The advertising industry isn’t an entertainment industry – the adverts we produce are there to sell.  It’s important for our clients that they get a return on investment.  Sure we’ve worked with big budgets and big clients but the end result should always be the same – profit.