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For our second campaign for GP Batteries we designed and created a cute robot to become the brand icon for the ReCyko Pro brand of AA/AAA rechargeable batteries.

Our two recent adverts for GP Batteries.

What do you do when you need to film all around the world but the budget doesn’t quite stretch that far?

iStockPhoto  from Getty Images is a great place to start.  Worthy Worldwide took full advantage of Marett & Messenger’s extensive knowledge of Adobe After Effects and Premier to combine a postcard style animation with royalty free footage on a trip around the world.

FantastiCon 2014 starts on the 16th August and is a celebration all things Sci-Fi.

This year it is heavily leaning towards British video game sensation Elite Dangerous, which maps all 400 billion stars in the Milkyway – that’s some sandbox.

We have modelled a Cobra Mk3 from the ground up with a custom Fantastic Books Publishing paintjob.

Fantastic Books are publishing 5 officially licenced books for Elite Dangerous, our own Creative Director Ramon Marett has written one of these short stories in the anthology book, Tales from the Frontier.

Elite Dangerous book spine art