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The Elite Anthology: Tales from the Frontier from Fantastic Books has been released for Kindle and other devices. Available here:

Our very own Ramon Marett contributed to the anthology and found it an honour to write an official piece of fiction for what is arguably one of the most anticipated video games of 2014.

Elite Dangerous (the game) from Frontier Developments PLC wins Escapist Magazine’s Best of E3 2014:


We understand the importance of your brand and in order for us to produce an effective commercial we need to learn as much as possible about your business and your objectives. In order to achieve this we take as detailed a brief as possible. This can be performed either over the phone or face to face. Our objective of this meeting is to get a true understanding of your business, the key demographics you are targeting, who your current customers are, what has worked for you in the past and crucially to understand your brand identity.


From the brief we will then produce concepts for your approval. Our clients have a varying degree of involvement in this process. We are happy to take any ideas you may have and add our expertise to them, or to solely develop a concept from scratch. After we have come up with some initial concepts we will then present these for your approval. At this stage we will choose the final idea for the campaign and begin work on the final script to be sent to Clearcast.

Media Planning

Intelligent media planning is essential to a successful campaign. If the right demographics are not reached then it does not matter how much of the budget was spent on the commercial itself. From the initial brief we will have a strong understanding of your target customer. We then use our expertise to produce an effective media plan. Our strong relationship with the broadcasters allows us to reach the greatest number of prospects as possible. Once we have produced a media plan we will then present this to you before final approval.

Video Production
After the script has been approved by Clearcast we can begin work on video production. We manage the whole process of producing your commercial. We work closely with freelance camera crews, whilst maintaining direction of the commercial ourselves and doing the bulk of both pre and post video production inhouse.


This is where we can enjoy the fruits of our labour. Once the commercial has been approved by Clearcast it is fit for television. We manage the whole process of getting your commercial live. This is done via the digital delivery system AdStream.  We will also provide you with a digital copy of the commercial(s).

TV advertising can be fragmented in a variety of ways to ensure that you are getting your message to the most effective demographic of people. If you are focusing on a certain area, or your product is only available in limited regions then regional advertising is for you. without having to invest in a national campaign you can help bolster awareness of individual outlets, help support weaker geographical areas or take advantage of the stronger ones.

As broadcasting technology advances regional advertising is being broken down into smaller and smaller areas. This means that television advertising is becoming more accessible to a greater amount of business.

Marett & Messenger are well versed in performing both national and regional campaigns.  They are not mutually exclusive. We intelligently use all the tools at our disposal to yield the greatest result. By using the plethora of niche channels now available to us you can run both regional and national campaigns simultaneously at reasonable cost. TV advertising has fantastic flexibility to offer to our clients, and by using methods such as these still proves to the most cost effective medium of advertising.

Below are the regional maps for ITV, Channel 4 and Five. These have all been taken from the website which is a fantastic resource for finding more information on television.


Submissions open for Fingal Film Festival

26th – 28th September 2014

Submissions are now open for the 2014 Fingal Film Festival, which will take place in Movies@Swords from 26th – 28th September, Pavilions Centre, Swords, Co Dublin.  Now in it’s third year, the Festival has gone from strength to strength, connecting emerging voices in film with industry experts and independent creative filmmakers from around the world.

Emerging and established filmmakers alike can submit their shorts, features or documentaries, animation to the Festival, and those selected will be in the running for the eight prestigious awards announced on the closing night of the Festival.

The Awards categories are: Best Short Film, Best Feature Film, Best Irish Language Film, Best Documentary, Best Student Film, Best Animation, Best Fingal Newcomer and Best International Film. Deadline for submissions is June 30th, for more information see

Commenting on the submissions process Festival Director Liz Kenny said “The increase in quality and quantity of submissions to the Festival year on year has been outstanding. We are very excited about this year’s Festival and the opportunity to enable the international film community and the general public to experience the power of film in our unique festival setting.”

The Festival is also delighted to announce new sponsors for select Awards:

·       TG4 and Film Equipment Hire Ireland are to sponsor Best Irish Language Short Film. The winner will receive  €3,000 worth of equipment hire for a 3 day shoot, with the resulting film to be broadcast on TG4

·       Canon are to sponsor Best Student Award

The Festival is delighted to announce that award winning Dublin based Animation Company Boulder Media (The Amazing World of Gumball, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja) will host the Animation Workshop, led by Emmy nominated Creative Director Robert Cullen. Details of other Festival workshops, featuring some of Ireland’s most exciting names in filmmaking will be announced in the coming months, offering emerging filmmakers the opportunity to enhance their skill set through hands-on events and networking opportunities.

The Festival is also screening at various venues throughout 2014 a selection of 2013 Festival favorites and Award winners as part of new initiative Fingal Indi Films on the Move, which kicks off in “ LIFT “ festival in Axis Ballymun this 9th – 16th April, a great opportunity to see some of last year’s highlights.(Go to website for schedule of screenings).

Fingal Film Festival was established in 2012 to provide a platform for local, national and international emerging filmmakers, offering encouragement and promotion for new work in a quality cinema environment. Previous industry experts who have participated in the Festival include multi-award winning animators Brown Bag Films, Bafta winning writer and director Aisling Walsh, former president of the Irish Society of Cinematographers Ciaran Tanham and award-winning producer Arthur Lappin.

Fingal Film Festival would like to thank their new principal supporter Fingal Leader Partnership as well as their other sponsors TG4, Canon, Film Equipment Hire Ireland and Kate Bowe PR.


T: @FingalFilmFest

There are a lot of industry specific terms in TV, this blog is to help explain a few of them!


The universe simply put is the total population which has access to the desired network. The universe can be defined by demographic, region and other criteria. For example, the network universe of ITV Westcountry in April 2014 for Adults was 1,422,000. This means there is a population of 1,422,000 Adults who reside in a home with access to ITV Westcountry.

The universe is important as it gives us an accurate size of your target market. By intelligently redefining your universe by demographic and region you can focus your campaign on the right consumers for your product.


An impact is one member of your target audience viewing your commercial once. These are then added together to give your total impacts. This means that if you purchased 1 million total impacts then potentially 1 million people will view your commercial or 500,000 people will see your commercial twice each and anything in between. Realistically it will be somewhere in the middle.

Broadcaster’s like ITV will provide you with an Estimated Average Frequency prior to airing, which tells you the average frequency an individual has seen the commercial. Using 1mil as an example; an Estimated Average Frequency of 3 would mean 333,333 people have seen the commercial three times.

Each campaign is tailored to your requirements and aims. Some clients would prefer low frequency, high individual views, and others would prefer the opposite. With our experience we can not only advise which style of campaign would be best for you but also schedule spots in the most effective manner.

TVR / Rating

The TVR or Television Rating is a percentage of the universe. This is one of the fundamental units of purchasing TV. If we use the ITV Westcountry Universe (shown above) 400 TVR’s would mean that you were buying 5,688,000 impacts.

TVR’s are also used to measure success of programs with demographics. For example if The X Factor achieved a 16-34 Adult Male TVR of 15 in the Westcountry, this means that 213300 Impacts (based on the Universe above) will be from the eyes of 16 – 34 year old males in the Westcountry region.

Cost Per Thousand (CPT)

The Cost Per Thousand (CPT) is a very easy method of judging the cost of a particular spot. It is very simply the cost of achieving 1,000 impacts from your target audience. The CPT is influenced by many factors including the time of day, the channel or program being advertised on, the time of year etc. We can deftly advise on which spots are worth the investment and where we can be more cost effective on others in order to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.