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Mascots: A Proven Way to Build Your Brand. Fast.

Brand Characters: How People Identify With Businesses

Imagine you’ve eaten a hamburger you really enjoyed, but can’t remember the fast-food restaurant’s name. When questioned by a friend, your explanation is: “You know—that place with the red-haired clown who wears a yellow jumpsuit.” Most people will immediately know: McDonald’s! Or say you asked your neighbour for the name of an insurance company she’d recommend, and she responds: “Ooh—the one with that nodding dog seems very popular.” You’d probably not even blink: Churchill Insurance.

Ronald McDonald. Churchill the Bulldog. Mickey Mouse. Lightning McQueen. The Geico gecko. These characters trigger an immediate response from us. It’s a matter of instant recognition, identity, a sense of loyalty, and belonging.

What Brand Character Is a Trigger for Your Business?

If your business doesn’t have a brand character or mascot, you’re probably missing out on important referral opportunities. Just as surely as people are inclined to forget a doctor’s appointment or wedding anniversary, they’re likely to forget your company’s name in that split-second when someone asks them more about the great service or product you provided.

No matter how unique (or common) your company’s name, people will more readily remember the brand personality behind who you are, what you do, and how you do it. There’s no better way to represent what you do best than with a great brand mascot.

Your Brand, Personified

Just as building your company’s client roster takes the kind of specialised knowledge that keeps trademark and patent solicitors in business, so too does the artistic gift of creating a strikingly unique and standout brand mascot. Your company, your customers, and your future customers deserve the skill and proven track record of skilled 3D artists who can capture the essence of your company.

Marett & Messenger are a Devon-based ad agency that delivers high-quality 3D brand characters. We provide our clients with a thoroughly professional experience—and have delivered results for some of the largest firms in the UK, including British Petroleum and GP Powerbank.

A Growing Client Roster

Backed by extraordinary commitment and a performance-driven history, Marett & Messenger’s client list continues to grow. Become one of them—and let us explore your brand character options.

Brand characters engage with the customer, promote recall and establish empathy with your organisation.

Marett & Messenger have created brand characters from scratch.  Working on simple sketches, developing into fully fledged 3D models.  Brought beautifully to life by expert animators.

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