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Brief We understand the importance of your brand and in order for us to produce an effective commercial we need to learn as much as possible about your business and your objectives. In order to achieve this we take as detailed a brief as possible. This can be performed either over the phone or face […]

TV advertising can be fragmented in a variety of ways to ensure that you are getting your message to the most effective demographic of people. If you are focusing on a certain area, or your product is only available in limited regions then regional advertising is for you. without having to invest in a national […]

There are a lot of industry specific terms in TV, this blog is to help explain a few of them! Universe The universe simply put is the total population which has access to the desired network. The universe can be defined by demographic, region and other criteria. For example, the network universe of ITV Westcountry […]

Television rightly has the reputation as the the most effective form of advertising companies can invest in with a £4.5m pound return for every £1m investment. Recent research from Delloitte confirms the continued dominance showing that 52% of consumers tested felt that TV adverts have the most impact of all methods of advertising. With 14% […]

big results from small budgets

Producing a commercial in the UK can cost anywhere from a few thousand pounds to a hundred thousand pounds. So how do you know which budget is right for you?  When you only have a few thousand pounds to spend, what type of production are you going to get – and how will a ‘cheap’ […]