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Ramon Marett has over 14 years experience in the advertising industry working with big and small brands. He has a superb imagination and can often spark ideas with a client over the phone. He has worked on productions for both theatre and television and never lets budget get in the way of a great concept. There’s always a way. He is an ideas man and thrives on enthusiasm.

David Messenger  has worked for media owners for over 20 years. Previously with local radio stations Plymouth Sound and Pirate FM as a sales manager and then Carlton Television and ITV Westcountry as Regional Manager.  He now brings his expertise to assist local and national clients to creatively plan and book campaigns.  With an in depth knowledge of the TV marketplace he can enable existing and new clients to buy media, cost effectively, and make their budgets work hard.

Rory Pearse. Composer. Rory has a real passion for sound and music and can write bespoke music based on client feedback, or from his own intuition. In fact it’s because of his real passion and drive for music, and the electric bass in particular, that he continues to have an active role in teaching the instrument.  Rory is one of the best known and most highly regarded bass teachers in the South West.

Jonathan Bradford is our most recent addition coming from a background of business development and marketing. He has extensive experience running successful campaigns for companies such as Caterpillar, Castrol and Bishop Fleming.  With a Masters in Archaeology he has developed a very eclectic approach allowing him to provide innovative solutions with attention to detail.