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  • CG Animation
  • Corporate Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Videos
  • TV Advertising
  • VR (using Unreal Engine)

Commercials   Increasingly our clients are using TV to take their message to consumers. The modern fragmented TV market place offers a myriad of possibilities. Smaller niche channels offer a targeted and definable audience, not only in terms of demographics but also interest groups, making TV an increasingly useful communication tool.   This fragmentation also means lower entry points can be found, and an exciting TV campaign can be run on far more modest budgets than had previously been possible.   Not only will we create a stunning creative campaign, Marett Creative make sure that your advertising is planned across media effectively.    Marett Creative plan your media to build you a cost effective campaign, enabling you to build a coherent advertising message and in turn work to maximise your return on investment.

Planning   Marett Creative do not operate on a share deal basis with media owners so will always be able to negotiate deals line by line across relevant media, so you can be confident that your advertising budgets are planned, and spent, with your individual business objectives in mind.

Production Work  Marett Creative offer the full package for your print, web, or film project. They create detailed story boards, write scripts, design breath-taking concept art and work right through to the end production, including final colour grading and a bespoke musical score. Graphics and animation are handled by 64-bit High-Performance workstations ensuring great quality and a quick turn-around. Ideal for those tight deadlines.