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TV advertising can be fragmented in a variety of ways to ensure that you are getting your message to the most effective demographic of people. If you are focusing on a certain area, or your product is only available in limited regions then regional advertising is for you. without having to invest in a national campaign you can help bolster awareness of individual outlets, help support weaker geographical areas or take advantage of the stronger ones.

As broadcasting technology advances regional advertising is being broken down into smaller and smaller areas. This means that television advertising is becoming more accessible to a greater amount of business.

Marett & Messenger are well versed in performing both national and regional campaigns.  They are not mutually exclusive. We intelligently use all the tools at our disposal to yield the greatest result. By using the plethora of niche channels now available to us you can run both regional and national campaigns simultaneously at reasonable cost. TV advertising has fantastic flexibility to offer to our clients, and by using methods such as these still proves to the most cost effective medium of advertising.

Below are the regional maps for ITV, Channel 4 and Five. These have all been taken from the website which is a fantastic resource for finding more information on television.