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Tag: brand characters

mattressman artwork

We’re finishing off this year’s updates with a selection of artwork we’ve produced for Mattressman in 2017.  Mattressman’s brand character, designed by Marett Creative, has been put to good use.  Everything from shop display windows to Black Friday sales leaflets, the character continues to be a core ambassador for the successful online brand.

express stairlifts tv commercial

Our latest advert for Express Stairlifts Southwest airs this September on ITV1 We created ‘Len and Joan’ a loveable, happily married, cheeky couple.  These new brand characters set off the tone and values of Express Stairlifts.  Friendly, approachable and willing to help.

Brands have personalities and reputations. A company’s brand is an important asset that deserves careful thought and attention. Many brands have opted to entrust their reputation to celebrity endorsers. Yet, recent successes have reignited marketers’ interest in mascots. These fictional ‘celebrities’ who are tailor made to connect with the consumer. Marketers are increasingly excited by […]