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Television rightly has the reputation as the the most effective form of advertising companies can invest in with a £4.5m pound return for every £1m investment. Recent research from Delloitte confirms the continued dominance showing that 52% of consumers tested felt that TV adverts have the most impact of all methods of advertising. With 14% of people stating that it also drives impulse purchases it sits just behind recommendations by a friend or family member at 15% and the highest reason by finding it in store 23%. if you are interested in learning more about these figures is a great resource.

Further more 84% of people believe that advertising will influence their decision coupled with the potential of reaching 71% of the UK population TV in a single day, no wonder it is so successful.

With all this potential intelligent management of planning and coming up with creative ideas for commercials is essential. Marett & Messenger’s own success relies solely on the success of our clients commercials which gives us the motivation to unlock the fullest potential of any budget.

If you are interested in learning more about what TV can do for you don’t hesitate to give us a call for  an informal chat on 01392 425665.